Hettinga Consultancy

Successful Mediator for your Immigration to New Zealand

We are independent; we only work for you, together with Dutch Emigration and New Zealand Immigration offices.

Background: With his degrees in Business Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate working in the Netherlands, and 8 years practical experience in New Zealand, Rimmer Hettinga is an experienced coordinator and consultant. He can facilitate the path to a new life in New Zealand for new immigrants, and their families.

Who we are: Rimmer Hettinga immigrated to New Zealand in 1999 and established a winery based on his horticultural and grape specialisation knowledge, gained in Europe working for Rhone Poulenc and Monsanto.

What we can do for you: We act as a link to ensure your immigration is successful in all aspects. We work and negotiate ONLY for you. We do not receive any payment or commission from other parties. Whether buying a house, business, farm, or advice for a job offer, Rimmer Hettinga can advise and negotiate your requirements. He can also guide you through the rules and lifestyle of New Zealand.

Together - we can help you

Our rates: We work on either an hourly basis, or, on commission. This is your choice.
We do our maximum to make your immigration successful and as easy as possible.

References:These will be available from past clients following your contact with us.

Please contact us: For more details and questions.
Telephone: +64 6 876-4363
Fax: +64 6 878 9788